Monday, January 5, 2009

Coupon Swap/Give-Away

Well I'm now at the point where I have excess coupons. So I believe in sharing. If you have certain coupons that you need in your area just leave me a comment and if I have them I will send them to you. I thought about how the postage could end up costing alot so what I'm going to do is,The first 20 to request I will pay the postage, over 20 if you want coupons then send me a self address stamped envelope (I'll send you my address when you send me your wish list and I know I have them) and I will mail these right out to you. Cheaper then Coupon Clippers and cheaper then ebay.
I think this weekend alone I've clipped 30 papers worth of coupons. 5 inserts in each...... that's a lot of coupons. So let me know what you need!

Also if you can pass this out to all your coupon friends and send them here too. I've got plenty for everyone.

So now you ask how do I get them? That's simple

1. Follow my blog - it's to the right. Then leave me a comment telling me which coupons you need along with your email.

2. Sign up for swagbucks using the widget on here. It's also on the right. Then leave me a comment along with your email


  1. Hey this is awesome! I just signed up for your alerts with Yahoo!

    I'd love to give you my wish list. I get the smaller coupon inserts so I never get certain Garnier, Kelloggs, Cover Girl, or Dove.

    I'd be more than happy to blog about this deal on my blog, although I don't have a very high traffic blog. (I do, however, have a few local readers who would be interested in this since they get the same inserts I do.)

    If you have any of these I'd love them:
    Resees Whipps
    Kelloggs Nutragrain bars
    BOGO Stayfree
    Johnsons baby product

    I'd be more than happy to send you a self-addressed envelope. I'd also be more than happy to know if you were going to do this deal again.

    Once again, thank you! :)

  2. Oh, thank you for the coupon preview! I love knowing what's going to be in tomorrows paper! (I usually check another blog for that info but she posts much later than you...:))

  3. Wow, I just found your blog and I am very impressed. That is a lot of cutting coupons, I hope you use a paper cutter. I would love electrosol, boost, flinstone vitamins, centrum kids, smuckers uncrustables and anything else you want to unload. Thanks again for being so generous!

  4. Wow! I followed you over from Bethany's blog! I am with her. We never get the Electrasol coupons or Cover Girl and I would love to have some. I would love to have any beauty products like shampoo etc. Basically I will take whatever you would be willing to share with me. I will use them all or pass them on. I live where Bethany does and we don't get good inserts here.

  5. By the way, I signed up to follow you and am going to swagbucks now!

  6. Swagbucks is my all time favorite on here.

  7. I had posted this on here and also another blog. The response was really great! There is 1 more spot open for the freebies. I do plan on doing this from time to time. If you interested better hurry and get in.

  8. I love your blog, this is wonderful. I found your blog through cafe mom, I would be interested in coupons if you still have some available. I currently live in a rural area and coupons here are hard to come by in good quantity's. I would be glad to send you my wish list.

  9. I would be added than blessed to forward you a self-addressed envelope. I would as well be added than blessed to apperceive if you were traveling to do this accord again.